Market Watch: Jaguar saloons defy gravity

Just when most of the classic cars that rode this millenium’s value boom hardest are experiencing corrections of various severities, the Jaguar Mk2 is on a charge.

Jaguar mk2 Web.jpg

Our latest Price Guide Movers update reveals that the 3.4 models have surged into the top 20 with an overall growth of 13%. We’ve long thought these the best-value Mk2s, offering 96% of the performance for 80% of the price compared to the 3.8-litre cars.

The latest shift makes rough examples £4.5k, with tidy, usable cars at £10k. Cars in faultless condition are now £22.5k and you’ll need £33.5k for anything approaching perfection. Given how much cooler the market is these days, it may surprise you to learn that the Mk2 3.4’s growth of 13% falls outside the top ten this month with five models moving up by more than 20%.

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