Market Watch: Honda's pocket-sized S800 falls hardest

Both coupé and sports convertible versions feature in our table of top 30 fallers this month.

Honda s800 web.jpg

It’s the coupés that have fallenhardest, dropping a weighty 20% since our last Price Gudie Movers update to bring rough examples in at £7k, good, usable cars at £11k and the best now £17.5-24k. The convertible sports cars have lost a more modest 5.7%, moving their price range down to £10-33k.

These tiny-jewel-like sports cars built from 1966-70 are conforming to the familiar pattern, where the less desirable model (in this case, the coupé) lags behind the preferred one, but benefits from buyers priced out of that, then when the market contracts, it’s the less desirable one that falls first and fastest. In a buyers’ market, those with money to spend can be more choosy.

Our top 30 fallers list is dominated by collectable marques this month, including Aston Martin, Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes and Porsche, but half of the list is comprised of sub-£50k models.he market correction began, we’ve seen sub-£50k cars defying the trend in general, but examples like the Honda prove ther point hat we’ve made before – the market doesn’t move one way or the other in unision, even within sub-categories. It’s far too nuanced for that.

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phil bell