Market Watch: Ferrari F355 prices fall again

Ferrari F355 prices have taken another hit, as reported in the latest issue’s Price Guide Movers update.

ferrari 355 web1.jpg

The latest fall brings a total 12.5% slide since the 2017 peak for these cars, with Spiders faring better that Berlinettas and GTS variants, which have dropped 6.7% in the latest update. That brings the entry level for rough examples down to £40k, the good usable cars to £50k and the best to £62.5-70k, depending on whether they’re merely mint condition or concours perfect. As ever, cars with tiny mileages backed up by comprehensive service history are more again.

Spiders have fallen 6.3% and the price premium over coupés is now £2k for all condition levels bar concours, where the difference is £5k. At 2019 selling prices, rather than the optimistic asking prices that we still see out there in the market, these thrilling Ferraris are starting to look like an attractive buy again.

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