Market Watch: collectable Ferraris take another hit

In the latest Price Guide Movers update, collectable Ferraris increasingly fall into a buyers’ market. Those modest percentage declines can equate to six-figure losses, so should you buy now or wait?

ferrari web.jpg

The steel bodied 275GTB leads the downward trend in collectable Ferrari prices, losing 8.8% since our last update. That makes rough or badly restored examples £925k, with good cars now £1.1m and well restored cars £1.35-1.55m. That makes a mint example £130k cheaper, enough to buy a mint 308GTB qv and Testarossa for daily driving duties.

That’s because those too have fallen again, by 1.2% and 5% respectively. The downward trend has been running for long enough to convince us that it’s more than temporary blip, but it remains a steady slide rather than an alarming crash. For longer term owners these cars would have to fall at a more catastrophic rate to become truly troubling while bargain hunters will have to be patient.

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