Market Watch: BMW 2002Tii defies gravity

While other sporting BMWs are succumbing to the general market decline, these entertaining saloons are still growing

BMW Web.jpg

As you’ll see in our Price Guide Movers table in the latest issue, the halo model of the BMW 2002 series, the Turbo, has slipped a few percentage points from its peak, but the fuel-injected 2002 Tii on which it’s based is still proving that demand outstrips supply. Prices are up 7.3% on our last update, placing the model in this month’s top 20 growers.

The 2002 Tii also benefits from being in the more buoyant sub-£50k sector, where buyers remain more active. Even the best should only cost you £25k, with faultless examples around £20k and tidy but imperfect cars available for half that. Project cars? Half that figure again. The Tii may be some way short of the Turbo’s 170bhp and bespoilered and stickered drama, but 130bhp in something so light and wieldy is enough fun to have plenty of buyers chasing the limited supply of UK survivors.

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