Market Watch: Audi Quattros go their own way

Prices are climbing as the series approaches its 40th birthday, but it’s not the expected models that are doing most of the running.

Audi Quattro web.jpg

If you’d predicted that the first-generation Audi Quattro, the 2.1-litre WR model built from 1980, to benefit most from the looming 40th anniversary, with all of that original car purity that collectors like to chase, you’d be mistaken. Although they’ve picked up 3.6% since our last Price Guide Movers update, it’s the last-of-the-line RR cars that have jumped spectacularly.

Those 20-valve 2.2-litre cars built from 1989 are up 50%, making rough, financial-suicide examples £8.5k (check parts prices before you go that route) and tidy, usable ones are now £30k. Smart examples have moved up to £32.5k, stretching to £45k for something in concours condition.

If the 20V cars continue their charge, to the point that they’re in a different price bracket, expect the earlier models to play a little catch-up as they begin to benefit from buyers seeking the next best thing.

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