Market Watch: Aston Martin DB5s stage a comeback

After suffering from the post-boom decline shared with other £500k-£1m collectable classics, the Aston DB5 is showing a firm price increase in our latest issue’s Price Guide Movers update.

DB5 web1.jpg

An astonishing 14% increase since our last update puts the DB5 among the top 20 growers. Yet this is the sector that’s been hardest to sell over the past year or two as investor-collectors have ebbed away. The thing is, the DB5 is such an icon, and an incredibly user-friendly one at that, that there will always be demand somewhere, from someone, at the right price.

That latest growth has pushed rough examples up to £300k, with good, usable cars making £400k and the mint-concours range now spanning £600-800k. Considering the limited production figures of 898 coupés and 123 convertibles, it’s surprising how many are for sale at any one time with dealers and high-end auction houses. And that hasn’t changed recently, so the new price growth isn’t a product of limited availability.

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