Market Watch: Aston Martin DB5 sets new record

One of two replicas built to promote the James Bond Thunderball film sold for £5.275m, beating the price paid in 2010 for one of the actual film cars

Aston DB5 website.jpg

RM Sotheby’s achieved just under ten times the value of a non-Bond DB5 in top condition, just as the only surviving DB5 that appeared in Goldfinger and Thunderball, chassis DB5/1486/R, sold for £2.9m in 2010, slight more than ten times the then value of a perfect, regular DB5. It makes the film car look like a bargain back in 2010.

The surviving DB5/1486/R appeared gadget-free in Goldfinger as the stunt driving double to the more valuable effects car, though body damage en route to filming ruled it out of much of that role. It gained its gadgets post-Goldfinger.

The most desirable Bond car, the original gadget DB5, went missing from its Florida storage facility in 1997, never to be seen again, unless you believe the rumours of a fresh sighting that popped up a few years ago. Maybe it will show up one day, with Elvis at the wheel.

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phil bell