Ads on test - Porsche 964 C4 Targa

A comprehensive history confirms the low mileage on this well-specced 1990 911 Carrera 4 Targa. Rob Scorah gets the wind in his hair

Price £54,995

This all-wheel drive 964 is finished in a shade of red you don’t often see. It was originally painted Grand Prix White, but on arrival in the UK it was dismantled by Porsche GB and repainted – reportedly over the original colour – in Brilliant Red Metallic. Some 44,576 miles and 29 years later the paintwork still looks in very good order. The wheelarches, window seals and surrounds – sometimes problem areas for the 964 – look in good shape. There is a tiny chip to the nose and similar on the rear engine cover lip. There is also a small but deeper painted-over chip to the edge of the driver’s door. There appears to be some condensation behind the rear light/reflector glass on the driver’s side.

This 911 is a very handsome car with differing body materials retaining identical shades of metallic red. The removable roof panel and Targa roll-over bar are in good shape. There is a slight unevenness to the roof panel’s front edge, as you would expect from 964s of this period and age.

Like the exterior, the cabin also looks to have been well cared for. The cream leather shows the gentlest patina, carpets are clean and all interior switches are firmly fixed in place and working. The Porsche has a few nice touring-friendly extras like air conditioning, electric powered and heated seats and a high-spec aftermarket hi-fi.

The service book shows regular servicing from AFN Porsche and a host of marque specialists, including Specialist Cars itself. There are also invoices from Strasse. Unsurprisingly after looking through the history, lifting the rear engine cover reveals a tidy gunk- and leak-free engine bay. Some surface paint has lifted or chipped from one or two small items. There is no lingering smoke or untoward noises when it starts up.

When you drive this, like any 964, there is that quixotic mix of old-school 911-ness – the sound of the air-cooled motor – combined with a plantedness of the all-wheel drive. Unlike some, this example seems to have escaped from an excess of understeer. Out on the Yorkshire lanes, it remains pretty neutral in its stance, and is self-assured on its Pirelli P Zeros – all with plenty of tread left.

The alloys and black brake calipers are very clean. There are no grindings or whines from the drivetrain and the gear change is not at all notchy.

The steering is Porsche-positive, nicely weighted and the car doesn’t wander under acceleration, cruising or when braking. Thinking of acceleration again, there doesn’t seem to be quite the snap in the upper revs of some 911s, but I think this is more a result of the extra drivetrain weight than anything lacking from this particular car.

1990 Porsche 911 (964) Carrera 4 Targa

Price £54,995

Contact Specialist Cars, Malton UK (01653 697722,

Engine 3600cc, flat six-cylinder

Power 250bhp @ 6100rpm

Torque 229lb ft @ 4800rpm

Length 4250mm Width 1651mm


Top speed: 162mph;

0-60mph: 5.7sec

Fuel consumption: 20mpg