MARCH 2019 issue

On sale January 23


• LOW LIFE IN HIGH PLACES – Our 22-page Jaguar Mk2 60th anniversary celebration begins with an East London drive to discover the murky truth behind its criminal reputation
• BIG CAT ON THE PROWL – A Welsh road trip reprises the Mk2’s natural role – as the businessman’s cross-country grand tourer
• THE POLICE DRIVER – A former Mk2-driving traffic officer recalls racing Prince Philip, chasing planes and redlining on public roads
• THE STUNT CREW – Stunt crew members reveal the hair-raising truths behind the the Mk2’s greatest on-screen sequences in Robbery
• THE RACING DRIVER – Christopher Kerrison remembers the 1961 BSCC season, a year he spent steering an unlikely works-prepared Mk2


• EPIC RESTORATION – The painstaking resurrection of an incredibly rare right-hand-drive Porsche 356 Pre-A Cabrio
• LIFE CYCLE – The story of a very early Caterham 7, first used as a daily-driver and taken camping in Scotland
• THE COLLECTOR – Meet Neville Brown, owner of some of the most outrageous Mercedes tuner specials that you’ll ever see
• THE LIST – Reader Chris Dodds once chased after a BMW M635CSi one memorable day in the Eighties. Now we’ve caught one for him, how will he fare behind the wheel?
• EXPRESSO AMERICANO – An Italian drive in the one-off Alfa La Flèche prototype, a curious meeting of Latin and American design schools
• GREAT WHITE THREAT – Tearing through Buckinghamshire in the unique Beutler-Healey, designed in Switzerland to take on late-Forties Italian Mille Miglia exotica



• CHASING CARS – Ex-Moss Ferrari comes to market, hot Ford Fiestas on the up, Morgans hit a hot spot and an Alfa Romeo GTA in focus
• QUENTIN WILLSON on bargain Rolls-Royces, Mercedes and Minis to buy now
• TEMPTING BUYS – A Paris-bound Chevy Corvette C1, a Sunbeam Tiger, an Alfa Romeo 8C Touring and a Leyland 15 pick-up
• MARKET HIGHLIGHT – What makes this Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA worth a quarter of a million pounds?
• BUYING GUIDE – How to get yourself a great-value Sixties Chevrolet Camaro in a rapidly rising market
• BOOKS & MODELS – Giorgetto Giugiaro takes his pick of landmark Sixties coupés in a stunning new book
• ADS ON TEST – Morgan Plus 8, Range Rover, Vanden Plas Allegro and Porsche 964 C4 Targa evaluated


QUENTIN WILLSON takes last month’s advice and buys a £20k Bentley Continental GT
GORDON MURRAY remembers the Brabham fan-car controversy from 1978
JOHN FITZPATRICK achieves some kind of record for name-dropping, with a Mercedes SL

The month in cars

• LE JOG – Unlikely Seventies Jaguars tackle the UK’s toughest historic rally
• AUTOSPORT – Racy show-season opener hails Formula 5000, and an unusual AC
• BARN FINDS – An incredible trio of Bugattis surfaces in Belgium
• LETTERS – Glickenhaus strikes back, and a former Chevrolet Corvette cover star returns
• WHY I LOVE… two-time British Rally Champion Russell Brookes on the joy of sparring with Roger Clark in Ford Escorts
• OUR CARS – Phil finds the key to Jaguar perfection, Charlie endures a ruinous drive in his Range Rover and Ross cuts into his beloved Lancia