June 2017 issue

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It’s V12 o’clock. Time for our 60-cylindered showdown to choose the best V12 from £5k: Ferrari 400i, Jaguar XJ-S, BMW 850, Mercedes SL 600 or Aston DB7?
• Epic Restoration. The boss of Pirelli Motorsport sent his Jensen FF for a restoration so exacting it took four years to complete. We find out why
• Life Cycle. Bought new in Australia as an alternative to a plane, this expat has since won races, traversed America and become the world’s fastest road Jaguar E-type
• The Collector. The South African car fanatic whose huge fleet comprises supercars, classics and derelicts – and earns him a pretty penny through silver-screen cameos
• The List. We give a reader the chance to liberate his inner Dustin Hoffman by driving an Alfa Duetto Spider – but is the experience enough turn this lifelong British sports car enthusiast into a certified Italophile?
• 1000-mile Masterpiece. From rolling sculpture to Mille Miglia entrant, we experience the visual and mechanical virtues of this Cisitalia 202SC first-hand
• Pincer Movement. In a lime-tinged twist on the the princess and the frog, we introduce goddess to crustacean – the Citroën ID19 and the Austin 1800 Landcrab
• Higher Power. After starting life as a press car, this Audi quattro answered a higher calling – one from Audi’s UK rally team that transformed it into a snarling special-stager
• Why I Love... the Goodwood Driver of the Day award, by past winner John Rhodes
• Our Cars. Phil attacks some rust on his Jaguar E-type, Sam buys a lesser-loved Peugeot 405 and Malcolm sends his trio of US-bought Morgan, MG and Triumph to auction


• Smart Buys. Quentin Willson on which Bentley, Porsche, BMW or Vauxhall to buy now
• Market watch. Russ charts a drop in auction estimates and reserves, a surge for the Volvo P1800 and a wobble for the Wall Street wolf’s favourite, the Ferrari Testarossa
• Market highlight. Why didn’t the star of the Amelia Island auctions, the Jaguar XKSS, sell for $16-18m as expected? Here’s Simon Kidston’s explanation
• Temptations. An Aston DB6 for drivers, a very tidy Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera, and a pair of four-figure Frenchies
• Buying Guide. With the Mazda MX-5 MkI on the verge of becoming a collector’s darling, time to bag a beauty
• Books and Models. The epic restoration of a Ferrari 275 GTB, and the elusive reasoning behind Zagato’s madness
• Ads on Test. BMW Z1, Morgan Plus Eight, Bristol 406, Mazda MX-5 Harvard


Quentin Willson vents his frustration at Condition 3 classics at Condition 1 money
Tom Tjaarda describes a melancholic visit to the Geneva Motor Show
Gordon Murray on scale-model fantasies as a kid and daily-driving a Lotus Eleven
Simon Kidston ponders the growing phenomenon of manufacturer-made replicas

The month in cars

• Barn finds. A derelict Porsche 911 becomes a daily-driver, a rare Lagonda Rapier 10HP crosses the auction block, and the long-lost Bullitt Mustang is traced
• Techno Classica Essen The sole remaining Lamborghini-built BMW M1 breaks cover after four decades, while a Lancia Aurelia B51 hearse returns from the dead
• Goodwood 75MM Lotus Elise GT1 and Fox-body Ford Mustang built for ETCC make their debut appearances at Goodwood, quashing rumours of daffodil allergies
• Practical Classics Restoration Show Highlights include a Jaguar MkI previously owned by an axe-wielding maniac and a Ford Granada Perana bought under armed guard
• Events Planner. Helping you fill your calendar with classic car events across the globe
• Next Month. A-lister buys E-type; our very own Q(uentin) joins him for B-road blast
• Your Letters. ‘Rare, you say? They made 1.75 million of them!’