Time to bag a bargain Jaguar Mk2


Restored Jaguar Mk2s in driving condition are now selling for less than £20,000. In November Anglia Car Auctions sold a ’67 340 in Old English White with 91,000 miles on the clock and a recent engine rebuild for £14,628, while Brightwells sold a very sharp Opalescent Grey ’66 3.4 manual with overdrive, fully restored in the Nineties with chrome wires, an engine rebuild by renowned outfit VSE and extensive history file for £17,360 These older restored Mk2s now look like cracking value, having had huge sums lavished on them in the Eighties and Nineties. Even 3.8s aren’t that expensive now, with Castle Classics in Sussex offering a 1960 Old English White 3.8 auto with 56,000 miles, four owners, chrome wires and history for £15,995 while a private seller in Preston is advertising a ’63 3.8 manual with overdrive in silver with 20-year ownership, a body rebuild three years ago and chrome wires for £19,950. In Cheshire there’s a privately advertised factory black ’67 3.8 manual with overdrive and three owners (the last for 11 years), a recent VSE engine rebuild and Coopercraft brakes for just £13,500. The really perfect stuff may still be hovering around £45k-50k, but for less than half that you can have a Mk2 you can actually use. Look for Mk2s with documented body rebuilds, retrims and mechanical fettling and go for the classic colours of whites, reds and metallics with overdrive and wires. The 2.4s are still at the bottom of the desirability chain, so the best buying comes from the faster 3.4 and 3.8s. And for regular use don’t worry about upgrades and non-original improvements. Better brakes, gearboxes, power steering and cooling improvements make them much nicer modern-day driving cars.

These days the Mk2 isn’t the force it once was, with a fairly elderly demographic now, and prices may carry on softening. There’s a surprising number of decent cars on offer at the moment so take your time and find one with all the expensive work already done. And there really are some cheap Mk2s around these days – like the very original ’65 Opalescent Blue 3.4 manual with overdrive sold by H&H in October with matching numbers, restored in 2010 and out of 20-year ownership for just £11,812. A bargain that.