Digital Editions Support Page

Welcome to the CLASSIC CARS digital edition support page.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of the most frequently-asked questions to do with the digital editions of CLASSIC CARS, along with some detailed answers that should help you out if you’re having any problems. 

If your question is not answered on this page, please feel free to contact us via one of the email addresses at the bottom of this page and someone should be back in touch with you within 24 hours.

Right – let’s get started!

Q: Can I download my magazine via 3 or 4G?
A: Yes, you can, but let’s be clear here – we don’t recommend it! Stick to WiFi and turn off data roaming on your phone/iPad when travelling abroad.  If you do decide to download a digital magazine via a mobile network, you’re advised to check with your supplier that you have enough data in your plan to do so, and confirm with them how much it’s likely to cost.
A digital magazine could be anything from 100MB to 500MB in size – as you can see, if you’re being asked to pay 30p or more per MB, that could get expensive. So stick to WiFi! Bauer Media cannot be held responsible for your data usage over mobile phone networks.

Q: What platforms can I buy digital editions of CLASSIC CARS at the moment?
A: CLASSIC CARS is available (or will be launching soon) as a digital edition on the following platforms, which should cover just about every mobile device and computer in the world… though we can’t guarantee that!

  • Apple Newsstand – suitable for all models of iPad, iPhone and select later generation iPod Touches. CLASSIC CARS’ digital edition should be available in every country that has an Apple App Store attributed to it – see
  • Google Newsstand – suitable for all tablets and phones using the Android operating system, as well as desktop devices such as PCs. However, at the moment Google Newsstand is only available in a limited number of countries – though this situation is changing rapidly as Google expands. For more information, check out
  • Barnes and Noble – we’ll be launching soon on Nook, hopefully the summer of 2014: keep your eyes open for more details
  • PocketMags & Zinio – we’ll also be launching on these two web-based kiosks
  • We’ll also be live soon on Amazon and Kobo, though if you have a Kindle Fire tablet you should be able to get the digital version of Today’s Golfer via Google Newsstand

Q: Can I have a contact address please for some help with my digital edition?
A: We’d urge you to have a read through of the Q&As below, as we’re confident there will be an answer in there for your specific problem. However, if you’re pushed for time and would rather just email us, we’ll be happy to help.

Please select the correct address from the following two options:

We’ll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours, though this might be slightly longer over weekends and bank holidays.


This section is relevant for anyone who’s bought a digital edition of CLASSIC CARS direct from Apple Newsstand, using their iTunes account.

Q: What functionality is available on the CLASSIC CARS Apple Newsstand edition?
A: CLASSIC CARS for iPad and iPhone is what we call an ‘enhanced replica’ edition. That is to say, you get precisely the same magazine on your iPad or iPhone as you would in print – with some added content, such as instructional video to help your game, extra pictures, or links.

Q: What purchase options do I have?
A: You can buy single issues or subscriptions, varying in length from a monthly recurring subscription through to access for 12 months (which should give you 13 issues).

Q: If I buy a digital subscription, when will it start?
A: As soon as your subscription has been confirmed, you should be able to access the current issue on sale. From that point forward, you’ll receive the relevant number of future issues within your subscription category (period).

Please note that you won’t be able to access any back issues on the newsstand as part of your subscription, though you will be able to purchase them individually, if you wish to do so, if they are available to be purchased.

Q: I’ve subscribed to the iPad & iPhone version in Apple Newsstand – but the app is asking me to pay again and doesn’t recognise my subscription…
A: Don’t panic! This can occasionally happen – especially if you’ve just shut down the app, deleted it and reinstalled, or simply installed an update. Try the following:

  1. Check you’re logged into iTunes with the correct account details (email address and password of the account that purchased the subscription / digital issues)
  2. Do not delete the app. Instead, exit the app and exit Newsstand
  3. Stop the app from running
  4. To do this, start by double pressing the ‘O’ button at the bottom centre of your Apple device
  5. If you’re running iOS7, content from all apps open should appear on your screen
  6. Swipe up to stop the app running (this won’t delete it!)
  7. On iOS6, you’ll see a row of icons appear on the bottom of your screen
  8. Tap and hold one of them – they should all start shaking
  9. Tap the ‘minus’ sign to stop the app running
  10. Go back into Newsstand
  11. Tap on Today’s Golfer to launch the app again
  12. You’ll see the storefront appear with all the covers
  13. Tap ‘Restore Purchases’
  14. This can be done either by the blue circular arrow in the bottom right of the store or by tapping the cog icon in the top right
  15. You should then be given clear visibility as to issues you’ve paid for and have either downloaded, or have available to download

If this doesn’t work and you’ve paid for a subscription in Apple Newsstand using your iTunes account, get in touch with us stating this and we’ll look into it for you.

Q: If I buy a digital copy of CLASSIC CARS on my iPad, will I be able to read it on my iPhone?
A: Yes! And the other way around. As long as you’ve installed the app on Newsstand and are logged in with the same iTunes account that purchased the edition, you can read CLASSIC CARS on any Apple device [Note: support for iOS5.1 is likely to be limited moving forwards].

Q: How can I manage my Apple Newsstand subscription, including cancelling the auto-renew facility?
A: You can manage your Newsstand subscription here: - it’s Apple’s troubleshooting page. If you want to change the settings on your subscription, or cancel an auto-renew payment, advice on how to do it can be found there.

Please be aware that if you subscribe to CLASSIC CARS, Apple automatically installs an auto-renew payment, so when that subscription period expires you’ll be charged again. However, they will warn you prior to this happening and give you the chance to cancel if you wish to. If you want to opt out of the auto-renew option, log into your iTunes account and select the relevant settings.

Again, please manage your subscription here:

Q: How do I get a refund in the event of a billing problem, or in the event of not being satisfied?
A: All transactions made on Apple Newsstand or iTunes are handled by Apple. Because Apple is a third-party partner company of ours, and your purchase is made through your account with them, Bauer Media cannot refund or check any personal subscription / single issue purchase details made on the Apple Newsstand or iTunes.

We hope that this won’t happen, but should you be experiencing billing problems, or if you wish to claim a refund, Bauer will most probably be unable to help you. We therefore advise you get in touch with Apple directly and request a refund from them.

Here are some useful links that might help:

Q: My issue won’t download: what am I doing wrong?
A: This could be down to a number of things. Below are some tips for download related difficulties:

  • Always have sufficient storage space on your device for the download
  • Always use WiFi – not 3G – and check the connection is good
  • Don’t attempt downloads over the phone network – your phone bill could go up!
  • Don’t try to download more than one magazine at any one time
  • Don’t close an app during download, as this will stop it completing

If the problem persists, please email us.
If you bought the magazine via Great Magazines, please email:
If you bought it via Apple, please email: 

Always remember to include the following information – where you bought the app, how long for, the device you’re using, the version of iOS you have installed and a summary of the problem. We’ll then look into it for you and try our best to help out.

Q: My magazine download has stuck in the middle of the download process… what should I do?
A: Again, check that your WiFi connection is decent. If it is, and you have a download that’s stuck and won’t start up again, try the following solutions – in order:

  • Stop the app running by double tapping the ‘Home’ button on your device
  • On iOS7, swipe ‘up’ on the content of your app. This stops it running. In iOS6, the icons of your active apps will appear along the bottom of your screen. Hold your finger on the app icon until it begins to shake. Tap the minus sign in the top left corner of the icon
  • Restart the device with a full power-off, then commence download again
  • If this doesn’t work, delete then reinstall the app
  • We only recommend doing this as a last option, as it will likely result in losing your data and meaning you have to download all magazines again
  • You do all this by holding your finger down on the app icon in Newsstand. It will shake: tap it again and it will be deleted – then re-load it (see next step)
  • Once re-installed, ensure you’re logged into your iTunes account and tap ‘restore purchases’ – the issues you have available to buy should then be available to download again

Q: My magazine has disappeared from Newsstand: what has gone wrong?
A: Have you recently performed a software upgrade/restore of your device? If so, it’s likely that the issues have been taken down by iTunes.

Also, check your storage space – if you don’t have the requisite space left, issues will be removed without notification to you, which is a feature of iOS devices. But don’t worry! You can get them back.

To re-download issues you have already bought, press the ‘Buy’ button and enter your iTunes password. You should get this message from Apple: “You’ve already purchased this. Tap OK to download again for free.”

Depending on the iOS device you have, you might have to reboot the device itself completely, for the above solutions to work.

You can also try tapping ‘Restore Purchases’ when in the app for visibility of the issues available to be downloaded, that you’ve paid for.

Q: The app crashes – what should I do?
A: It is possible, though unlikely, that your app may crash. If it does, try coming out of it – stop it running, then launch it again.

If the crash repeatedly happens at the same point within the app, or when accessing specific functionality, you could have found a bug. In this instance, please:

  • Contact Bauer Media direct on this email address if you bought the app direct from Apple: 
  • Contact us at this address if you bought via Great Magazines:
  • Include the name of the magazine
  • Tell us which purchase option you chose (if you subscribed, which option you took)
  • Please tell us when your subscription started
  • If you can tell us the device you’re using and the version of iOS you have installed, that will help also
  • A brief description of the problem and when it occurs will help us
  • We will then investigate for you

Q: The print magazine has a cover-mounted gift on it – do I get the same if I buy that edition on the Apple Newsstand?
A: We’re sorry to say any kind of physical gift attached to the front cover of a print magazine cannot be offered to purchasers of that same issue on the Apple Newsstand – even if a free gift is advertised on the replica cover in the digital edition (which we do try to avoid).

Q: I am a print subscriber and want to access digital editions on my iPad / iPhone as part of that subscription: can I?
A: Yes! Please visit  and select the CLASSIC CARS option. Here you’ll find some terrific offers for print, digital and print/digital combinations. We’ll beat Apple on all prices and you’ll still be able to access the app. Sometimes we even offer free gifts as an incentive to subscribe.

For more information about Great Magazines, please see the section below!

Q: None of the above helps me and I want someone at CLASSIC CARS to address the problem I’ve had with my app purchase…
A: Of course… we’re only too happy to help. Please email us on and someone should get back to you within 24 hours during the week, or within 48 hours at weekends.

Great Magazines FAQs

Q: Can I buy digital editions of CLASSIC CARS for my iPhone and iPad anywhere apart from the Apple Newsstand?
A: Yes! You can via our own platform, Great Magazines. Please visit as there are some great digital-only offers on here, including prices that are more competitive than those on the Apple Newsstand. Occasionally we’ll also be giving away free gifts with digital only subscriptions, though these will have terms and conditions attached so make sure you read the small print.

Q: What is Great Magazines?
A: It’s a website run by the publishers of CLASSIC CARS magazine, Bauer Consumer Media. You can buy digital editions of all Bauer Media’s magazines there, including CLASSIC CARS’s sister titles, PRACTICAL CLASSICS and CLASSIC CAR WEEKLY.

Q: What devices does Great Magazines work with?
A: At the moment, you can buy digital magazines for Apple devices only on Great Magazines. But we’re working on this.

Q: How does it work when I buy the digital magazine through the Great Magazines website for my iPad or iPhone?
A: Simple. First, select what magazine you want, then whether you want a single issue or a subscription. Then buy! We’ll issue you with an account number via email, then you just:

  1. Install the app from Apple Newsstand if you haven’t already
  2. At the top left of the screen where you buy the individual issues, you’ll see the words ‘Sign In’
  3. Tap ‘Sign In’
  4. Tap ‘Create Account’
  5. Add your email address, a password of your choice and your account number
  6. Ensure the password is eight characters minimum – with one numeric and one upper case character at least
  7. Tap ‘Create Account’
  8. We’ll then email you confirmation
  9. To access your editions, simply log in using your email address and password

From that point on, as long as you’re signed in to the app with your Great Magazines account details, you’ll be able to download and read any issue you’ve paid for via Great Magazines.

Q: I’ve bought a digital subscription through Great Magazines and am having problems. Who can I speak to about it?
A: Please email the team at Great Magazines directly at this address: and someone will respond within 24 hours. Make sure you quote your subscription number when emailing them, along with the magazine you’ve subscribed to and a summary of your problem – it will facilitate a quicker response.

Q: I get the print version of CLASSIC CARS. Do I automatically qualify for digital access as well?
A: Alas, no. I’m afraid that if you want access to the digital edition as well, we have to charge you a small additional fee. This is solely because digital editions are subject to 20% VAT, while print magazines are not. All details are on the Great Magazines website.

Google Newsstand (Android) FAQs

Q: What functionality is available on the Android version of CLASSIC CARS, as sold on Google Newsstand?
A: It should also be viewable on any device – phone or tablet – powered by the Android operating system. See the list below.

However, at the time of print the Google Newsstand is more limited than the Apple equivalent. We’re not able to place rich media content on Google Newsstand at this time, though this may change at some stage in 2014. So what you’ll get is most likely an exact replica of the print magazine with the text view option as an extra.

Q: Which devices can I use to read a magazine purchased on Google Newsstand?
A: You’ll be able to use pretty much any device that has the Android operating system. This covers a range of manufacturers, including phones and tablets made by:
- Samsung
- Nexus
- Acer
- Asus
- Kindle Fire
- LG
- Motorola
- Panasonic
- Sony & Sony-Ericsson
These are the key players in the Android operating system market. We cannot guarantee your device is compatible with our apps via Google Newsstand – but all the major manufacturers’ devices will be.

Q: How can I manage my Google Newsstand subscription?
A: All information on managing your account, refunds and Google’s Customer Support service can be found

Please note that we have little or no control over Google software, and therefore little or no control over the performance of the app in Google Newsstand. If the text doesn’t render correctly, or the app crashes, please get in touch with Google’s customer service support desk directly via the above link.

Q: What purchase options do I have with Google Play?
A: You can buy the magazine in three ways:
a) Single issue
b) Monthly, recurring subscription (with a discount)
c) An annual subscription (with a bigger discount)
The subs options involve a recurring, automatic payment taken from your credit card either monthly, or annually.

Q How do I cancel an automatic subscription on Google Newsstand?
A: It’s actually really easy! There are a number of ways you can manage your account and subscriptions. Google even has a help page dedicated solely to the subject, which is

Q: How do I get a refund in the event of a billing problem?
A: All transactions made on Google Newsstand are handled by Google. Because Google is a third-party partner of ours, and your purchase is made through your account with them, Bauer Media cannot refund or check any personal subscription / single issue purchase details made on Google Play Magazines.
If you think you qualify for a refund, due to not being able to download an issue you’ve purchased or any other reason, go directly to and follow their instructions.

Q: My issue won’t download: what am I doing wrong?
Below are some tips for download related difficulties:

  • Always have sufficient storage space on your device for the download
  • Always use WiFi – not 3G – and check the connection speed is good, or you could timeout in the middle of the download. Don’t attempt downloads over the 3G phone network
  • Don’t try to download more than one magazine at any one time!

Q: If I lose or upgrade my device, will I be able to get the magazines I’ve bought?
A: Yes. Google says: ‘You can always re-sync your purchases onto another device. All your purchases are automatically stored in the cloud’, access to which can be found in your ‘My Magazines’ section.

So, in theory, you don’t have to worry as you should always be able to access the magazines you have bought via Google Newsstand.

Again, if you need any support, contact Google direct here

Q: The print magazine has a cover-mounted gift on it – do I get the same if I buy that edition on Google Play?
A: Any kind of physical gift attached to the front cover of a print magazine cannot be offered to purchasers of that same issue on Google Newsstand.

Q: I’m a print subscriber. I’d like to view my magazines on my Android device as part of that subscription. Can I?
A: We’re sorry! Not at this time. This isn’t something we can control, as Google at the moment doesn’t offer the facility to offer digital entitlement & access to its store to any print subscribers.

Q: Can I buy a digital version of CLASSIC CARS for my Android device direct from the publisher?
A: Unfortunately not yet. We’d like to offer digital only sales to Android devices via our website,, but at the moment the facility to do that isn’t available to us from Google – so we can’t! This will change, but we’re not sure when at the moment. Probably later in 2014.

Q: Can I buy a digital version of CLASSIC CARS for my Android device anywhere other than Google Newsstand? It’s only available in a limited number of countries globally…
A: Yes, if you download the Barnes & Noble app in the Google Play Store you’ll be able to find Today’s Golfer in there to buy. Also, you should be able to buy via the Amazon store when we launch on that platform later in 2014. Keep your eyes open here for more information! And… we’re also for sale on PocketMags via any browser, on desktop or mobile. See here:

Contact US

If you’re still having problems and none of the above answers helps, contact us at:

Finally, always download editions via WiFi and not 3G. You could end up getting a big bill if you try the latter, especially if you’re abroad.