FEBRUARY 2019 issue

On sale December 28


• BENTLEYS TO BUY NOW. The world’s greatest luxury cars are ripe for buying now for as little as £8000 – here’s how to pick a Flying Spur, T1, Eight, Turbo R, Conti R or Conti GT. PLUS The marque’s racing pedigree, and Conti GT designer Dirk Van Braeckel talking timeless style
• LIFE CYCLE. The incredible story of a Land Rover S1 – transcontinental adventurer, buried on a remote volcanic island and subjected to an extraordinary restoration
• EPIC RESTORATION. The rescue of an extremely rare Alvis 4.3 Mayfair saloon so rotten it fell apart when being collected
• THE COLLECTOR. Mark Burnett’s eclectic collection has a vintage slant, with old racers including a Ford Model A hot-rod.
• THE LIST. Reader Mark Dollery has always wanted to try a Maserati Bora. How will he fare driving the sophisticated Seventies supercar for a day?
• SYMBIOTIC DAWN. On the road in one of Maranello and Farina’s first collaborations – the exquisite Ferrari 212 Inter
• EXECUTIVE DECISION. The Speedwell Executive could have bettered the Mini Cooper and created a new Riley range-topper. Why didn’t it? PLUS Speedwell co-founder John Sprinzel on tuning Minis in the Swinging Sixties and working with Graham Hill
• EXTRA ANGLIA. Driving the Ford Anglia Friary Touring Saloon, a coachbuilt special with humble origins and grand ambitions
• CLASSIC ADVENTURES 2019. The coming year’s 192 top tours, rallies and events



• CHASING CARS. Quentin Willson reveals tempting Jaguar and Lotus bargains, and the Volvo you never thought of as a classic finally sees prices move
• RUSS SMITH reveals which Triumph, Ford Capri and Porsche 911 variants offer the best value in today’s market
• TEMPTING BUYS. Jaguar XJ-S V12, Austin 1300 Countryman, Austin Mini Countryman and an ex-waitress Maserati A6G/2000 Spider
• MARKET HIGHLIGHT. A highly original London-dwelling DB5 comes to market – but will it need some deep-dive surgery?
• BUYING GUIDE. Go equipped with wisdom when inspecting a Mercedes SEC, available from £5k
• BOOKS & MODELS. Highlights include a return-to-form Haynes manual on 15 great Ferrari engines, and Mansell’s Lotus 91 in 1:43 form
• ADS ON TEST. Jaguar E-type, Rolls Cloud III, Alfa GTV and Aston Vantage evaluated


QUENTIN WILLSON on a market teeming with classic bargains, including surprising Minis
GORDON MURRAY on his latest purchases – a pair of Austins that he can’t actually fit in
JOHN FITZPATRICK on making a famous singer dance in a Ferrari F40’s footwell

The month in cars

• ELECTRIC MGB GOES LIVE. The latest all-new classic to be zapped back to life.
• NEC CLASSIC MOTOR SHOW. Art-deco Bugattis steal the annual show in Birmingham
• AUTO RETRO BARCELONA. The work of coachbuilder Pedro Serra, including the rare Seat Corver, honoured in Spain
• BARN FINDS. A trailer full of forgotten classics from Denmark, and a very dusty early Audi Quattro come out of hiding
• LETTERS. Ferrari Modulo designer Paolo Martin challenges James Glickenhaus’ restoration
• WHY I LOVE… Car design supremo Harris Mann reveals the genius behind some of his favourite Austins
• OUR CARS. Phil feels the heat in his Jaguar E-type and Ross discovers why his Renault 5 Turbo isn’t talking to him