APRIL 2017 issue

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£10k Convertibles. Alfa S4, Porsche 944 Cabrio, Vauxhall VX220, TVR S3, MGB, Sunbeam Alpine, BMW 325i and Morris Minor vie for sunny-weather supremacy
• The List. Our reader bought a BMW M635CSi over a Datsun 240Z – will the bucket-list drive we give him challenge his choice?
• Life Cycle. The AMC Javelin that was turned into a Group 2 race car as soon as it landed in the UK – and was recently pulled out of a four-decade slumber
• Epic Restoration. The craftsmen of the Vauxhall Heritage Centre call on all of their ingenuity while restoring a Viva GT
• The Collector. How do you define a glutton for punishment? Canadian MG fanatic who’s restored 17 examples – and doesn’t even like driving – certainly fits the bill
• Cosmo-politan. We go for a spin in a Wankel-engined pioneer, the Mazda Cosmo
• Out of the Shadows. After years of being outshone by the Countach, it’s time for the Lamborghini Silhouette to be given some limelight of its own
• Aced it. We take an ex-works AC Ace to the scene of its Fifties successes
• Our Cars Phil delicately relieves his Jaguar E-type of its dashboard, Sam becomes the man from Del Monte with his BMW 318iS and Nathan bids farewell – to Classic Cars and his Merc W123    
• Why I love… Daytona drive from Lancashire to Maranello. Ex-TVR boss Martin Lilley still relishes the memory


• Smart Buys. Quentin Willson charts the rise of the rarity that is the AC 428, tips the slab-sided Mercedes W140, and recommends the Jaguar XJ12C, a BL-built Jaguar. Yes, really. • Market watch. Russ reckons you should buy a mint MkI MX-5 now – if you can find one – and sheds light on a forthcoming auction comprising plucky, pint-sized Italian rarities
• Market highlight. Simon Kidston explains why a Jaguar E-type just sold for almost £6m     • Temptations. A jet-setter’s Fiat tickles our buds of taste, while an immaculately restored Citroën 2CV and a Fiat 750 Vignale Coupé have down-to-earth appeal
• Buying Guide. Our Jaguar MkI inspection advice might stop you getting into spats
• Books and Models. A four-door 1:43 Porsche 928 and the tale of when Enzo met Luigi
Ads on Test. Triumph TR3A, Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2, Mini Cooper 1.3i, Jaguar XK150 DHC
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Quentin Willson. He’s a hopeless romantic for a project, just like the rest of us
Tom Tjaarda explains executing styling nuances that still resonate 50 years on
Gordon Murray grapples with what makes humble cars into icons
Simon Kidston. Back from concours-judging in India, Simon muses the merits of using automobiles as rolling thrones

The month in cars

• Barn finds. The Ferrari 330GT that John Surtees owned touches down in the UK, a ‘survivor’ 275 GTS surfaces, and a pair of rotten Rolls-Royces sell for a combined £3000
• Autosport. Big anniversary displays for Lotus, Williams and Ford in Birmingham
• Rétromobile. Last Porsche 917 built and Shelby’s own Cobra 427 emerge from hiding  
• Events Planner. Looking ahead to the 75th Goodwood Members’ Meeting and introducing Wilby Park Retrospeed – a new pre-1978 event held Down Under
• Next Month. Willson’s 2017 Smart Buys, driving a Ghia L6.4, and restoring a special TR2
• Your Letters. We’re put straight on our DeLorean facts – by the company’s former CEO